Criminal Law

McElroy Law Office has been providing excellent legal services to the Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding areas since 2004. Facing criminal charges can be a scary thing but with a little help from some great attorneys, you can breathe easier.

Don’t face these charges alone

Criminal law is very complicated and requires a seasoned lawyer’s expertise. You’ll find just that at McElroy Law Office. We’ll listen to all aspects of your case and provide you with honest feedback about the projected outcome.

Comprehensive criminal legal representation

• Misdemeanors

• Felonies

• Juvenile delinquency

• Probation violations

• OWIs / DWIs

• Habitual traffic violator

• Driving while suspended

• Drug offenses

• Drug possession

• Illegal sale

Straightforward answers

At McElroy Law Office, we believe honesty is the best policy on both sides. When you’re honest with us, we can help you to our fullest abilities, and when we’re straightforward with you, there won’t be any unrealistic expectations. Know that we treat each case individually. Our practice is accredited by the BBB.

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